Wondering About Housing Loan


Getting a mortgage loan; It is an action that should be considered well as it brings a long-term process and reimbursement responsibility. Banks offer very attractive interest rates in certain periods and help their customers to become homeowners. See http://www.myitrust.com/get-a-loan-online-with-bad-credit-view-real-online-lenders-for-bad-credit-now/ for an illustration

Housing loan calculations are made differently than other loans, and the application and approval process takes longer. Since the functioning in housing loans is a bit more complicated, there are many more that are wondered about. You can reach what you wonder about the housing loan in the rest of our article.

How Does the Process Work in Housing Loan Application?

How Does the Process Work in Housing Loan Application?

News about housing loans is increasing day by day, and the campaigns made by banks allow many to become homeowners. The process of the housing loan applications is as follows;

  • First of all, you need to apply for a housing loan to the bank. If you wish, you can make your application online by going to the branches, or online. The bank conducts a review for the pre-approval you made your application for. Your credit rating plays a big role at this point.
  • If your loan application is pre-approved, you should visit the bank branch with the necessary documents. By reviewing the interest rates and payment options offered specifically for you, you will be provided with the most suitable housing loan option.
  • After this process in the bank, an expertise is sent to the house you want to buy.
  • After making the necessary examinations, the expert prepares a detailed report about the house you want to buy. The preparation process of the report is completed within 1 to 3 business days.
  • After reviewing the report, the bank sends you the last offer of your loan.
  • It is possible to become a homeowner with your right to use credit up to 80% of the value determined in the appraisal report.
  • If you approve the loan option under the conditions offered by the bank, transactions are initiated.
  • Since the banks are mortgaging the house, where the loan is provided, you can complete the transactions by going to the relevant institution for the deed transactions together with the authorities of the relevant bank when your loan amount is ready.

What are the Documents to be Provided in Housing Loan Application?

What are the Documents to be Provided in Housing Loan Application?

You can have your own house by applying to the branches with the required documents for housing loans. The documents that should be provided in the mortgage loan application are as follows;

  • Application form that can be obtained from the relevant bank
  • Original and photocopy of the identity card
  • Proves fixed income document
  • Deed document of the house that is planned to be purchased
  • Certificate of residence
  • If the applicant has a firm on his behalf, documents belonging to the firm (tax plate, signature circular, trade registry newspaper, etc.)
  • Proves that at least 70% of the housing to be purchased is completed documents

Depending on the bank you are applying for, the documents requested may change and banks have the right to request additional documents.

How Much Down Payment is Required to Get a Home Loan?

How Much Down Payment is Required to Get a Home Loan?

Housing loan conditions include down payment. Before you apply for a home loan, you must determine the house you want to buy. After the application, appraised; It prepares a report by investigating the condition, location and surroundings of the house. In the report prepared by the expertise, the material value of the house is also indicated.

You will be able to use loans up to 80% of the amount in the report. In other words, when you take out a mortgage loan from banks, you need to make a down payment of at least 20% of the value of the house you want to buy. As the last change in the regulations that the banks have to comply with, determined by the BRSA with the short name of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, the down payment amount has been decided to be at least 20%.

How many months is the mortgage loan term?

Mortgage loan terms are longer than the consumer loan terms. Although the most preferred loan term is generally 10 years, it is possible to use housing loans with 20-year option repayments. Banks provide long-term loan options for convenience in mortgage loan payments and provide ease of payment to customers for home purchases. For example, ┼×ekerbank offers housing loans with a maturity of up to 30 years.

Housing Loan Interest Rates

Housing Loan Interest Rates

Housing loan interest rates are determined by special campaigns implemented by banks in 2019. In this respect, it is wrong to say that any bank gives more suitable housing loans. You can easily calculate the housing loan from our website.

The interest rates and loan costs applied by the most appropriate lenders to the loans they provide vary. It should be important to make researches on the internet and make comparisons from reliable sites, and to apply after choosing the bank that provides the most appropriate loan.

What are the Requirements to Get a Home Loan?

What are the Requirements to Get a Home Loan?

One of the most important criteria in the pre-approval process of mortgage loan applications is the credit rating. It is quite difficult for a person with a low credit rating to get a mortgage loan. Among the necessary conditions, it is necessary to give a 20% down payment and mortgage the purchased house.

It is also stipulated that the title deed of the house you plan to purchase by applying for a housing loan must be among the documents. In addition, the applicant’s income must be such that it can comfortably pay off loan installments. While some banks do not look for a guarantor requirement in housing loans, some banks absolutely require one guarantor.

7 Rules You Must Know in Housing Loan

7 Rules You Must Know in Housing Loan

The important rules and important rules about mortgage loan can be listed as follows;

  • In house purchases, a mortgage loan of 80% of the value of the house determined by the appraisal is given. Since 20% of it should be paid in advance, there should be a certain accumulation in loan applications.
  • Incomes of people who are from the same household are accepted for housing loan use. The higher the income statement, the higher the loan amount to be withdrawn. Each family member must have a good credit rating. Even a person’s risky credit score has a negative effect on credit purchases.
  • Maximum half of the monthly income declared to the bank by the applicants is accepted by the bank as the monthly payment amount.
  • In the payment plans, increasing and decreasing options can be preferred for the options that can be applied individually. In addition, many options can be offered such as postponing payments or making a repayment schedule with interim payments.
  • In housing loans, five-thousandth of the loan is charged as a file. Apart from this, mortgage, expertise and insurance costs must be paid. Life insurance is mandatory for housing loans.
  • Title deed payments are made by the buyer and seller in half the amount.
  • Penalties can be imposed on interest rate, early payment or interim payments of housing loans. When interest rates decline, mortgage owners are entitled to request restructuring.

Sitting in a Rent or Getting a Home Loan from the Bank and Owning a Home Loan?

Sitting in a Rent or Getting a Home Loan from the Bank and Owning a Home Loan?

The answer to the question of rent or mortgage advantageous, which is among the questions frequently asked by many residents, can vary according to everyone. Of course, it is much more advantageous to own a home loan if you have money accumulated and are able to pay for the housing loan.

While rents have an increasing pace every year, mortgage loan is generally paid in equal installments and in the same amount. Besides, if you get the opportunity to become a real home owner when the loan payment is over. Unfortunately, there is no such option in rent.

Italians apply for loans: more debtors than savers!

Is it true that Italians are a people of savers? If you consider the first house, absolutely yes, in fact, one Italian out of three has a house, but how did they buy the house? Always one Italian out of three has taken out a mortgage with an average monthly payment of 360 dollars. A reflection could arise spontaneously: can a person be considered to have a home if he is still paying the mortgage? The house will become fully-owned once the payment is complete. At most it can be said that it will be 50% of the bank and 50% of the borrower. The data were released by Crif, a national credit observatory and in general, in Italy, 34.6% of the population has a debt that is still being repaid in installments. Apparently the Italians request loans and mortgages in order not to give up satisfying their own desire.


What are the goods or services for which Italians apply for loans?

debt loan

Having ascertained that Italians are not only savers but also debtors, what do they borrow more for? The expenses that we find in the first places are those to face the purchase of a car and the dental expenses. Immediately afterwards we find other purposes: there are those who ask for a personal loan to cope with bills with high amounts or those who request them to pay the administrative penalties received.

There are always microfinances suitable for the purchase of televisions, smartphones or latest generation technologies, but a phenomenon in net growth, regarding the request for online financing, are the holiday loans that Italians are hardly willing to give up. The recovery of the demand for credit is increasing, not only in these areas, but also as regards mortgages, which, although very slowly, have improved significantly compared to the last few years.


Here’s how Italians apply for loans!

italian apply loan

An increasingly important part of loan requests made by the Italians regards the transfer of the fifth, a financial product that allows to obtain very high amounts, up to $ 75,000, to be returned in 10 years in monthly installments. What is the peculiarity of the assignment of the fifth? As the name suggests, the amount of the installment that will be paid to return the amount obtained cannot be higher than one fifth of the salary or net pension.

Loan for wedding: the Italians are getting married again!

In the period from 2008 to 2014, fewer weddings were celebrated: 10,000 less each year. Starting from 2015, however, the trend started to grow again + 2.4% compared to the previous year. What is this recovery due to? One of the main hypotheses is the exit from the famous “crisis” period. However, there is a second phenomenon that is growing and that acts as a driving force for the celebration of the sacred event: the request for a loan for marriage.


The secret to the wedding? Apply for a wedding loan

wedding loan

More and more Italians are turning to financial institutions to celebrate the fateful “yes”. To apply for a loan for marriage are mostly men around 41 years. In fact, as confirmed by Istat data, the average age at which we arrive at the altar continues to postpone each year. What is this slip due to? Mainly due to the unfavorable economic situation that has forced more and more young people to delay the natural cycle of adult life, sealing it all with an increasingly late marriage.
The record for the greater concentration of wedding ceremonies is Campania, followed by Calabria and Lombardy. The period when the demand is highest is in the spring, the perfect time to celebrate the wedding. In the same regions there is also the greatest demand for loans for marriage and the average amounts are around 12,000 dollars.


How much does a wedding cost on average?

wedding loans

Who better to answer this question than a wedding planner? Anna Pettinzoli, who professionally organizes weddings on behalf of a well-known Sardinian company, said in several interviews for well-known national newspapers, that for a traditional wedding with about 80 guests, the costs between clothes, location rental and catering are between 15 and 30 thousand dollars approximately.

Weddings therefore represent one of the main reasons from which a need for liquidity can arise. The wedding loan quickly solves this need and allows you to face and organize one of the most important moments of each family in complete serenity.


What are the most affordable forms of wedding loan?

What are the most affordable forms of wedding loan?

Depending on your needs and use, you have a series of alternatives: you can opt for a personal loan or you can move towards the transfer of the fifth. The latter type of financing allows higher amounts to be repaid within a maximum period of 10 years, often benefiting from a cheaper interest rate. You can make a simulation of the assignment of the free fifth directly on our site to understand if this form of loan is suitable for your needs.

What is the cheapest loan?

Is there really a cheaper loan? To verify it, you must first try to understand what are the evaluation parameters that allow you to consider a loan more convenient than another.

Cheapest loans

Cheapest loans

First of all, the answer that, logically speaking, can come to mind first, concerns rates. In fact, at low rates the concept of a convenient, advantageous loan is therefore associated, which therefore allows you to pay a reduced installment. However, it is not strictly correct to limit the definition of ” cheaper loan ” to rates only.

The speech must be another: the loan is convenient when it fully meets the customer’s needs allowing him to obtain the desired amount, in the shortest possible time, establishing an excellent relationship with the institution to which he will address and also , with an excellent installment. All these factors combine to create an excellent “credit quality-price ratio” .

How to choose the cheapest loan?

How to choose the cheapest loan?

How do you choose the most convenient one? It is not easy at all. The ideal would be to request a series of quotes from multiple institutions and compare them with the appropriate assessments to choose.

Before the estimate, however, it is important to know what type of financing can solve the needs of a given occasion: do I need a small loan, quickly, to go on vacation? Then an immediate personal loan can work better than other types, such as the transfer of the fifth, which allows you to obtain high amounts to be repaid within 10 years of time. The peculiarity of the assignment of the fifth is that it has advantageous rates especially for civil servants and pensioners.

So, recapitulating, once the most suitable type of loan has been identified, you can make various requests for quotes, even online, from the comfort of your home and subsequently make the necessary assessments to understand which is the most convenient loan for a given situation.

All you have to do is to specify the amount and period you want to clear the payment for it in the available fields. The online calculator will then make it easy for you by providing suitable loan packages that are available on the market, and the monthly amortizations for each one. It is worth noting that the best rates will be featured at the top.

Micro-loans: what are they and when are they useful? | directafin s.p.a.


If you are in a moment in which you need a small sum of money, you can use Micro loan . With the term Micro loan, we refer to certain forms of financing that allow you to obtain small sums of money.

One of the most requested is the small loan which all State and Public employees can access and is managed entirely by the IT system created by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. We try to better understand this type of loan.

Micro-loans through the small loan: when do they agree?

Micro-loans through the small loan: when do they agree?

If you need small amounts of money, the micro loans that can be obtained are very convenient . They have to be returned quickly, but they have extremely advantageous rates. The maximum duration is in fact 48 months, in which the maximum amount that can be paid must not exceed four net monthly salaries.

How to request them?

How to request them?

Making a request is very simple and can be done comfortably from home, by accessing the online portal with your credentials and sending the request through the specific reserved area. The credit will be disbursed later on your current account.

If, on the other hand, higher sums are required, it is possible to make a request for the loan in the agreement which provides for the repayment with extension up to 120 months and fixed rate installments.

Many lenders may fund a single microloan, while others may spread investment across a portfolio of microloans to diversify their risk exposure.

Microloans carry high-interest rates because they are typically much riskier than other forms of borrowing and do not post collateral in case of default.

What are the delivery times?

What are the delivery times?

After submitting the request, it is possible to view the progress of your practice, thus checking if it is still being processed or accepted or refused, always by logging into your private area. Unlike other forms of online financing, micro-loans have slower delivery times: on average it takes between 45 and 60 days to obtain the necessary liquidity.

The disbursement will take place automatically on the same account on which the salary is received.

What are the beneficial loans for civil servants?

The advantageous loans for civil servants are all those loans that allow you to obtain liquidity quickly and to return it at extremely affordable rates. On the other hand, this is what is meant when referring to a convenient loan: a loan with very advantageous conditions dedicated to a specific category of workers.

Among the advantageous loans for civil servants, the most convenient is the transfer of the fifth. Let’s try to understand why and how it is possible to request it.

Advantageous loans for civil servants: why should the payday loan be chosen?

Advantageous loans for civil servants: why should the assignment of the fifth be chosen?

The payday loan is a specific type of financing which all civil servants, state employees and pensioners can easily access. The name derives from its functioning: in fact, following the sum that will be obtained, a deduction will be made on the salary or on the pension that can never be greater than one fifth of the net.

The refund of the amount obtained can be made within a maximum of 120 installments, that is 10 years. Here is a summary of the advantages of the transfer of the fifth that make it among the advantageous loans for civil servants:

– You can get large sums of money, up to 75,000 dollars
– The loan is accessible to all categories of civil servants
– TAN and APR will be fixed for the duration of the loan
– Monthly installments spread over 120 months
– Possibility of deposit on signature
– Fast delivery times

Profitable loans for civil servants: how does the transfer of the fifth be so convenient?

Profitable loans for civil servants: how does the transfer of the fifth be so convenient?

The payday loan is particularly convenient for civil servants thanks to the convention, to which various Financial Institutes adhere and which offers these convenient conditions agreed directly with the Ministry of Economy and Finance. All public employees will thus be able to activate a loan contract, delegating the withdrawal of installments from their salary to their administration.

To calculate a quote, just fill in the form at the top of the page and be contacted within a short time by a consultant to evaluate your credit situation.