A quartz-like substance, the aventurine is usually green with golden flakes (although yellow-brown and other colors can be found), giving a subtle balancing effect.

It is used for cardiovascular and circulatory diseases. Well relieves high blood pressure. Treats bronchitis and colds.

Combines well with lapis lazuli to treat fears, anxiety, with red and yellow stones to relieve heart pain and stabilize blood pressure.

Purifies the etheric, emotional and mental bodies. It gives birth to a happy and joyful mood, harmonizing body and soul.

Worn in bracelets and earrings. The most suitable metals for aventurine are gold and silver.

Healing properties of stones and crystals, stone therapy


This is a heterogeneous chalcedony that can be star-shaped, eye-shaped, cloudy, layered, landscape, ruinous, bastion-shaped, milky... The stone's unusual layering gives it a special power. It is believed that agate not only absorbs negative energy, but also recycles it into positive energy. However, it must be remembered that it requires a great deal of stability from the owner, a high spiritual potential, and the confidence that you can overcome anything. Then agate becomes a friend, a helper, a powerful protector.

Agate is a strong healer, quite full of energy. It works especially well with the main chakra, harmonizing its vibrations.

Agate relieves stress, contributes to a lively figurative flow of speech. Protects children from fear and helps them to walk earlier.

If agate is worn for a long time, it improves vision.

Wearing agate on the left arm helps to overcome irritability, relieves headaches. In diseases of the bronchi, asthma or a chronic cough, diseases of the throat and teeth are recommended to wear agate beads.

Blue agate is a strong healer for osteochondrosis.

Green agate is used for diseases of the cardiovascular system. Normalizes the respiratory system, improves liver and pancreatic function.

Layered agates are given to the patient to hold in his hand, sometimes during an illness when thirsty, put in his mouth.

When buying agate, try to choose a stone with a natural, natural pattern, since the widespread use of agate coloring. Agate is best worn as a pendant, beads, or rings.

Healing properties of stones and crystals, stone therapy


The transparent variety of beryl, aquamarine or pale green in color.

Aquamarine is very useful for vision. It strengthens the nervous system.

Strengthens the kidneys, liver, spleen, and thyroid gland, and has a mild diuretic effect. Treats diseases of the throat and teeth, the mucous membranes of the mouth, helps with colds and bronchitis. It cures fears. It is good to apply to old wounds.

It purifies the physical body. Harmonizes the emotional and mental bodies, clarifying feelings and thoughts.

This stone is good to use for meditation.

Aquamarine heals the throat and navel chakras.

Aquamarine is good in beads, pendants on a silver or gold chain

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