Palmistry is in itself a complete science which can forecast the future of an individual authentically. The good point about this kind of hand is that such people are optimists of the highest order.

Ideal hand is commonly neither much long nor much wide, well-formed, soft and more supple than even the artistic hand. The good point about this kind of hand is that such people are optimists of the highest order. They neither lose hope nor the direction when faced with the greatest of the difficulties and even calamities.

From worldly point of view however, these are not very successful hands as such persons are known to lean very heavily on ideals. Sometimes they are also seen to exhibit a tendency to live beyond their means, ruining themselves in the process.

A very small hand does not tell very brightly about the person. If anything, it shows narrow-mindedness and suspicious nature. The natives tend to get fault finding and quite quarrelsome. It is seen that advanced instincts such as maternal care , cultural sophistication and philosophical thoughts are completely absent in such natives. No doubt isolated tribes still surviving in remote jungles of Africa are carrying such hands. Evolutionary, these are primitive hands.

The thumb is the most important digit which man has. it is the meeting point of palm and fingers. it should rather be called and treated as king of hand. without it, the fingers will not be able to grasp anything. because of thumb, a man is called a social animal otherwise it would have been just any animal.

Position - it lies above the mount of venus.
Denotes the intelligence in an individual.

Each finger has three phalanges/parts: the one on which the nail grows is the first phalange, the next to it is the middle phalange and the one adjacent to the palm is the third phalange.

The index finger
The finger next to the thumb is called the index finger. it represents the ego of a person and his desire for recognition or prestige. if the index finger is longer than normal it is indicative of a person's desire to dominate others; smaller than normal it represents a lack of ambition. such a person is only a follower, never a leader.

The middle finger
the finger next to the index finger is called the middle finger. it represents the balance of mind, sagacity and the love of solitude. it is, in most cases, longer than the rest of the digits or fingers. if it is equal in length to the index or the third, or ring finger, it is supposed to be a small middle finger. a person with such a finger will be petty-minded and those having a very long middle finger shy away from human company.

The ring finger
the third or the ring finger is indicative of a person's desire for ostentation and fame. a person with a small ring finger is totally devoid of the tendency towards ostentation. nor do persons with such fingers take any risks. if the ring finger is longer than usual, i.e., if it is longer than the index finger, a person would be given to too much ostentation and would love to take risks. those risks include speculation, gambling and other games of chance.

The little finger
the fourth or the little finger represents eloquence and wit. a little finger which extends to the end of the first phalange of the third finger is considered to be of average length. if it is longer, these qualities become more pronounced in a person. converse is the case if the finger is of less than average length. a person with a small little finger suffers from an inferiority complex and he does not have the courage to speak out his mind.

Each mount denotes mental as well as physical peculiarities of the individual. The mounts are Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Moon, Venus, and Mars- Lower, Mars-upper.

Skin of the hand.
If the skin of the hand is flexible , a person is more likely to have a flexible character. but, if the skin is thick and hard, a person is not likely to change his views in a hurry. he is a person with firmness of character.

If the skin is flexible and the hand is hard it is known as a firm hand. such a person is given to thinking and also action. his views are both firm and flexible.

If the skin is soft , it is known as a flabby hand. such a person has an active mind, but less of physical strength or vitality.


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