In Sanskrit, the world Rudraksha consists with world of 'RUDRA' and 'AKSHA'; in which Rudra denotes to Lord Shiva and Aksha refers to tear. It is believed that when Lord Shiva was in his deep meditation, a drop of tear fell of his eye which grew  in to the devine fruit, that is Rudraksha. It is also said that one who wear this solicitar tarjetas de credito devine fruit acheives eternal blessing and deemed closest to Lord Shiva himselef. Found one face (mukhi) to fourteen face and a unique kind is called GAURI SHANKER.
Founder of rudraksha is Lord Shiva. It is believed that whichever person adorn rudraksha is always healthy as well as wealthy. In our mythology it is said that goddess Laxmi always stays in the house .It keeps all the evil spirit at bay.
The Significance of Rudraksha

Having originated from the eyes of Lord Shiva, rudraksha is considered to be the Lord Himself. The puranas say that wearing rudraksha amounts to lord Himself. Its significance is amazing. Its wearer or Worshiper begets emancipation.

Rudraksha Rosary

There are placed 108 beads of rudraksha in a counting rosary (japmala) and one bead is placed as the sumeru(the peak). The Rudraksha rosary can be  worn by anyone-a saint, a hermit, a family, a woman, a man. What is the only criterion is veneration. There is no other rosary which is as result oriented as this one. It begets fruits in all the four classes-religion, finances, wordly pleasures and salvation.

Purification of Rosary

The scriptures delineate how to spell-bound and purify a rudraksha rosary. Wash rudraksha in the Ganges water with raw milk and clean cloth. Then ,offer it prayers with scented stick and lamp and mark with sandal wood on the sumeru. Finally, chant the following hymn five rosary times (a total of 540 beads) before wearing it:(Om Namah Shivay).

Use of Rudraksha in Diseases

It is a boon for persons having high blood pressure. It controls blood pressurs. It is necessary that such persons always wear its rosary  on the neck and keep touching the heart.  It sucks out additional heat of the body. Several saints consider that it begets mental peace of the highest order and controls blood pressure.

Put a rudraksha in a copper pot filled with water at night to drink in the morning to benefit against heart troubles and constipation.

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